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10 Branded Merchandise Ideas For Small Businesses

Branded merchandise can be a powerful way to increase awareness of your brand. They can also act as a reminder of who you are to the recipients. But how do you choose the right branded merchandise for your business?
According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the key is to make sure your branded merchandise is unique, durable, useful & will stand the test of time. That way, they will create a strong impression and act as an effective reminder of your brand & business. In addition, branded merchandise may be something the recipient continues to use for a long time.
With these four key qualities in mind, here are 10 great branded merchandise ideas for small businesses to help you make the right impression.

Promotional tote bags

Now that most shops charge for single use plastic bags, tote bags are increasingly useful and popular. Many people now carry tote bags with them on a daily basis. This creates the perfect opportunity to get your brand out there and seen by people all over the local high street.
When designing a promotional tote bag, think about using bold colours to make the bag stand out and strong. You should opt for simple branding to ensure that your company name and/or logo is visible at a distance.

Branded notebooks

Notebooks are perfect for giving out at meetings. They allow people to make notes while also acting as a lasting reminder of your business.
Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the size, custom hard-backed notebooks with embossed covers are one of the best merchandise ideas for brands out there. Make sure to choose a style that matches your brand and the impression you want to give off.

Custom pens

Custom branded pens make the perfect accompaniment to branded notebooks and are often offered with them as part of a set. However, a good branded pen compared with cheap promotional pens can be more than just a nice looking stationery set with your brand name on it. An ever popular option is the classic banner pen containing a pullout banner which can hold your brand message.
Many businesses use these banners for information such as their contact details, a calendar, or other information you want your customers to have at hand at all times.

Printed sports bottles

We should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water or other sugar-free fluids a day. A branded water bottle is therefore ideal for many office workers as it encourages them to stay hydrated while also promoting your brand.
Branded aluminium sports bottles are a popular choice as they are hard-wearing and long-lasting, as well as being perfect for office use and outdoor activities. This makes them great for encouraging people to get outside and stay active, as well as staying hydrated.

Branded keyrings

Everyone needs a keyring, but why not take your promotional merchandise one step further? Keyring stress toys turn your keyring into something your customers can use all day, not just when they’re opening or closing a door!
Keyring stress toys come in a wide range of styles, ideal to match any brand. They are a fun, quirky way to make your business stand out while also ensuring your customers have a reason to keep your promotional merchandise.

Branded hoodies

With traditional ideas about office wear changing fast, jeans and hoodies have reinvented the idea of the traditional uniform as we know it. Many start-ups and leading global brands encourage comfortable clothing such as hoodies to foster motivation and creativity in their employees. This makes branded hoodies, both for your employees and as promotional swag, a smart move.
Choosing hoodie colours that match your branding is an obvious choice. Choosing a bold colour like orange or yellow will help your branded hoodies draw attention in the office and on the street.

Branded seeds & plants

Having plants in an office can lead to happier and healthier workers. So why not give your customers a helping hand with a promotional plant? This might be one of the coolest branded merchandise ideas out there, isn’t it? Promotional plants can act as a living reminder of your business while making a real, positive difference to the recipient’s workspace.

Branded USB flash drives

Data storage and security is a big concern for many businesses. This is why USB flash drives remain one of the safest ways to back up and transfer key business data. For any company in the tech sector, branded USB flash drives are one of the best company merchandise ideas you can think of.
They are popular with IT services companies as the flash drive can carry your name and contact number. They are perfect for when a customer needs to get in touch with you about any inquiry they may have.

Branded air fresheners

An air freshener might not seem like one of the best business merchandise ideas in the promo world, but it has one key advantage. It will always visible on the recipient’s rear view mirror. It will be right there in front of them every time they go anywhere in their car.
Air fresheners can be cut to any shape. They can be designed to reflect your company logo or any other shape you choose, helping them to make an even bigger impact.

Branded golf balls & accessories

If yours is the kind of business where important decisions happen on the golf course, branded golf balls & accessories such as a branded pitch repairer, branded ball markers or branded umbrellas make perfect sense. Simple, but stylish, they will be a great memento for your customers, suppliers or key business partners. Branded golf balls & accessories are a great way to remind them of a positive memory and of your brand.

Find promotional merchandise ideas that fit your brand perfectly

Need to find the perfect branded merchandise ideas to make your business stand out and get noticed? We have a wide range of branded merchandise on offer to suit any type of business or brand identity.

We work with top brands including Google, Qualtrics, Maxol & The Merrion Hotel, as well as many small and medium-sized businesses. We tailor our products and approach to your brand. No matter how big or small your business, we will offer you first class branded merchandise with first class service.
Take a look at our full range of promotional merchandise to see what we have on offer and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

At Anything Branded we believe in delivering only the highest quality products to our clients. Our extensive product range contains just about anything you could need for your marketing campaign. Feel free to contact us to find the best promotional product for your needs. If you can’t find your ideal product on our page, feel free to email us at and we would be happy to source it for you.

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