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15 Best Promotional Items For The Upcoming Pride Parades

Pride Parades presents an opportunity for various brands and businesses to show support and solidarity with citizens who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans. These gay pride giveaways are sure to bolster your reputation as an ally.

Great Promotional Giveaway Ideas for the Pride Parade

1. Elasticated Tubular Bandana

Some people love wearing their pride colours on their necks, hence the popularity of the gay pride bandana. These elasticated tubular bandanas will serve that purpose and give your potential customers what they’re looking for, while rewarding you with brand recall.

These bandanas are pure promotional fire in the pride parade.

2. Sports Bottles Up To 500ml

Parades can be hot affairs, so the best parade giveaway ideas give potential customers a measure of relief, like these small, portable sports bottles. You can imprint your brand on the side of these bottles for decent exposure among the throngs attending the occasion.

3. Promotional Travel Mugs

Promotional travel mugs serve as mainstays of most marketers’ cache of parade giveaways ideas, with good reason — they provide utility while reinforcing brand recall for their clients. Your clients’ LGBT customers will appreciate these promotional travel mugs for helping them slake their thirst and for marking an important time in their calendars.

4. Golf Umbrella

There’s nothing small-scale about the pride parade at all, so if you want to go all out for your LGBT customers and show them your brand is with them in a big way, you can give out these golf umbrellas. They will display your brand on its very large canopy, while brandishing pride colours and covering over two people from the sweltering heat or sudden downpour.

5. Sports Bottles Up To 1L

Love animates Gay Pride so it’s the perfect opportunity to use these large sports bottles that could hold up a litre of your chosen beverage. You can watch your customers share drinks using your promotional sports bottles while advertising your company name and logo.

6. Promotional Photo Mugs

What better way to commemorate such an important occasion than a promotional photo mug? You can design a mug that displays popular gay symbols like rainbows or unicorns, or important gay historical figures like Oscar Wilde.

These mugs will provide commemorative value as well as humour and mirth while showcasing your company.

7. Promotional Hats, Caps, And Scarves

Since the LGBT community schedules the pride parade in June, you can dole out promotional hats, caps, and scarves to potential customers to protect their heads from the summer sun. Your customers will display your brand prominently come parade time and gain you some converts to your brand.

8. Lanyards

Gay pride always involves identity, so it makes sense to invest in these promotional lanyards to bolster your company’s marketing efforts during the pride parades. You can design these printed lanyards in pride colours while displaying your company’s visual branding.

9. Promotional Sweets

A pride parade represents love’s triumph over discrimination, and the use of promotional sweets to market or advertise your business complements the spirit of the occasion. You can choose from a bevy of sweets ranging from candies to chocolates to introduce your enterprise to LGBT customers.

All people love chocolate and sweets regardless of their sexual orientation, so if you’re looking for a sure investment for pride parade promotions, they’ll work well.

10. Promotional Polo Shirts

Many members of the LGBT community love being fashionable, so they’ll love receiving these tasteful promotional polo shirts. Your brand reach will multiply since the recipients will proudly show their pride by wearing one of these shirts.

They’ll also likely talk about who gifted them these shirts, so you’re also bound to benefit from the word-of-mouth advertising.

11. Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional t-shirts are staple of promotional items because of their customisability and their large surface for advertising. Design your t-shirts with the famous colours of the pride rainbow and see your potential customers from the LGBT market go bonkers over them.

12. Rucksacks And Backpacks

People will be out in droves in the streets for the pride parades, so rucksacks and backpacks will serve as the best promo items. Your potential customers will need to carry their stuff in these bags, which means extra mileage and reach for your brand.

You can fashion these bags to display gay pride colours while displaying your brand on their surfaces.

13. Promotional Soft Toys

Garb any one of these promotional soft toys with the colours of the rainbow and you’ll be serving a hit in the pride parade. These soft toys come in various shapes and sizes from teddy bears to sheep, so you have a ton of options to promote your brand come the pride event in your area.

14. Promotional Shopper Bags

The nice, big advertising surface on these promotional shopper bags will ensure your brand nets tons of eyes in the crowd during the pride parade. You can choose from a variety of colours to best represent the various orientations and identities in the LGBT community.

15. Walking Umbrella

Rain or shine, the LGBT community will come out in full force come the London Pride Parades. What better way to show your solidarity with them by giving away these walking umbrellas?

Get the colours of the rainbow printed on each fold of the umbrella, then imprint your brand for maximum exposure during the parades.


A pride parade represents a host of many positive emotions like love, acceptance, identity, and freedom from discrimination. Your brand stands to gain tremendous benefit by associating with those things and the members of your local LGBT community.

Anything Branded has a vast collection of such promotional items, corporate gifts, and giveaways that can get the job done. For more info about our company and the products that we offer, browse through

Are you planning to participate in a pride parade? As a business, how do you support members of the LGBT community? Give us your answers in the comments section below.

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