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7 Most Effective Promotional Products

The promotional products industry is booming. Globally, the industry is estimated to be worth $86 Billion, with Europe and North America having the largest market share at $24 Billion and $28 Billion, respectively.

The reason for the success of the promotional products industry is simple. These products are extremely effective if they are used properly. In this article, we will list the 7 most effective promotional products. We will also go over the 3 traits found in effective promotional products.

The 3 Traits Of Effective Promotional Products

Different audiences have their preferences for promotional products. For example, you wouldn’t want to hand out promotional crayons to an audience of fitness enthusiasts.
Knowing your target audience is the most important aspect of a successful marketing campaign.

But there are certain traits that all audiences want to see in their promotional products. Let’s take a look at these traits so you can find the best products for your marketing campaign.

Promotional Merchandise Ideas
1. Desirability

People love to use branded promotional products as long as they have a unique look and high-quality appearance. The desirability of a promotional product also changes with the target audience.

A product geared towards children should be bright and colourful to be desirable. But would the same colour scheme work for an adult audience? Certainly not; knowing the preferences of your audience plays a significant role in the success of your promotional product.

2. Usability

Desirability is what attracts a person to an item, but usability is what makes people keep using the item. If your product lacks usability, it will not return a good impression from your audience, even if it is highly desirable.
Handing out products that look good and solve your audience’s problems makes all the difference.

3. Quality

An item can be highly desirable and usable, but it won’t last long if it isn’t well-built. Not only will you lose impressions on the product, but your brand’s image will also suffer due to the low-quality item.

Promotional items are like ambassadors of your brand. If the quality of your promotional item is bad, your customers will have the same impression of your brand itself.

Now that we have established what exactly makes a product successful, let’s look at the 7 most effective promotional products for businesses.

7 Most Effective Promotional Products

1. Reusable Shopping Bags


As the world shifts to using more sustainable and eco-friendly products, disposable plastic bags have been eliminated almost entirely. The alternative, however, is quite flimsy.

We have all used paper bags at some point in our lives; they are weak and often rip apart at the worst moment. And god forbid if you get any liquid close to them.

People quickly shifted towards using reusable shopping bags for their grocery needs. More than 1/3rd of people aged between 18-29 use reusable shopping bags to haul their groceries.
There’s plenty of demand for these products, and they tend to return a lot of impressions for their cost.

Branded Shopping Bags
Click Image to View Bags

2. High-Quality Pens

Pens are used daily by almost everyone. Most people buy cheap pens and often don’t care much about how their pen performs. What if you replace their cheap, low-quality pens with branded, high-quality ones?

High-quality pens perform well as promotional products for a simple reason. They are an excellent alternative to the low-quality pens that are so common. Plus, they aren’t expensive to buy but feel expensive due to their better build quality.

White Pen, Blue Pen, Black Pen and Red Pen for Branding
Click Image to View Pens

3. Apparel

People love to wear branded apparel, especially if it is high-quality and well-designed. Brands get some of their best results from promotional T-Shirts, Jackets, Sunglasses, etc.

Fun fact: Jackets have the best advertiser recall of any promotional product, with 95% of recipients recalling the advertiser’s name.

Branded hats are also extremely popular, besides shirts and jackets. People that wear hats tend to keep them around for a long while, and these hats are used daily.

Branded Jacket
Click Image to View Apparel

4. Device Accessories


Many products come under this category. Things like phone cases, branded USBs, and power banks, just to name a few.

Consumers always appreciate these items. They are cheap to acquire and are used daily are one of the easiest ways to return impressions.

Music Speaker With Logo
Click Image for Device Accessories
5. Water Bottles

People take their water bottles with them everywhere. These products are used in all kinds of places – such as schools, offices, gyms, etc.

These places return impressions of all sorts and in high quantities.

Branded Water Bottle
Click Image to View Water Bottles

6. Keychains

Keychains are great for concise brand messages or logos. Nearly everyone uses a keychain of sorts. Printing your brand logo on daily-use items like these strengthen your brand identity.

Branded Keyring promotional Product
Click Image to View Keychains

7. Mugs

All of us have a morning routine, and more often than not, it involves drinking coffee or tea.

Cups are great promotional products because they have ample room for messaging and designs.

Cups are daily-use items, and people who drink from your branded cups will have an excellent advertiser recall.

Promotional Mug
Click Image for Branded Mugs
To Summarise

Promotional products are one of the best ways to build your brand identity. That is if they are used properly.

To get the best results from your branded promotional products, you must thoroughly research your target audience and their interests.

In this article, we went through the 7 most effective promotional products.
Also, we listed 3 traits found in all great promotional products.

  1. Desirability
  2. Usability
  3. Quality

If your products nails down these three traits, you can get some of the best impressions from your investment.

At Anything Branded, we believe in delivering only the highest quality products to our clients.

Our extensive product page contains just about anything you could need for your marketing campaign. Feel free to contact us to find the best promotional product for your needs.

If you can’t find your ideal product on our page, feel free to email us at, and we would be happy to source it for you.

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