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Service Rating
100% Irish Owned

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Magnetic Free Standing Signs

Display Stand Repairs

With your display stand being dragged in and out of the car boot or a delivery vehicle eventually, something breaks or gets torn. Thankfully you don’t have to start again with a new stand.

We repair or replace parts when required and we can do it quickly – as often you won’t know the repair is needed until the next show or exhibition.

How Quickly Can you Deliver?

Rush jobs are part of exhibition life. Stands being arranged at the last minute or something not being the right size for that location.

We arrange rush jobs on a daily basis and we have an in-house delivery service.

Don’t get let down – we manufacture in-house. We can turn orders around within 24 hours. We won’t be beaten on turn-around times.

Types of Stand and Material

We have a huge range of display stands for indoors and outdoors.

All stands can be used inside and the full range of outdoor stands can be seen here.

The choice of stand material ranges across mesh, PVC, boards, flags, and various stretchable fabric panels.

All stands are very easy to assemble.

Fabric Exhibition Stands & Displays

With a sleek and modern design, our fabric exhibition stands are perfect for diverse marketing campaigns at exhibitions. Their unique designs leave a professional impression, ensuring lasting brand recall. Lightweight, durable, and easily transportable, these stands are crafted from high-quality materials, accommodating various prints, graphics, or banners.

Ideal for interactive marketing at events prioritizing face-to-face interactions and brand recognition, our pop-up displays feature a simple design with convenient carry handles. The removable and changeable printed graphics and banners enable quick updates, making these displays ideal for flexible marketing strategies at every exhibition.

For further information, including a quotation, please send an email to or click on the Send Enquiry button below, & one of the team will get back to you

If you want a quote or further information, please send an email to or click on the Send Enquiry button below.

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