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Why Use Branded Merchandise?

At Anything Branded we are passionate about promotional products and branded merchandise .  We believe that adding branded gifts to your marketing activity will promote your business, raise brand awareness and help to achieve brand loyalty. After all, promotional merchandise is the only marketing medium that allows you to say thank you to your customers, which can help make that customer feel appreciated.  Branded merchandise will:

  • Cut through digital marketing noise and make your brand stand out
  • Make your brand more memorable
  • Connect and engage with your clients
  • Build and nurture business relationships
  • Complement a well-executed marketing mix
Branded Merchandise Ireland | Comprehensive Range of Promotional Products Available

Branded merchandise statistics

Research carried out by our trade association the BPMA, demonstrates the impact branded products can have as a marketing medium:

87% of customers advise that they have kept a promotional item for longer than a year.

96% of people believe branded products increases a company’s brand awareness.

83% of customers suggested they can name the brand of a product on their desk.

83% of people purchasing products or services from companies that have provided branded merchandise to them.

Nearly 51% of customers recommend that promotional products have the best ability to get them to take action.

7 in 10 marketers use branded merchandise to raise brand awareness.

Promotional products are almost six times as likely to make recipients feel appreciated than the mediums of print, web, direct mail or TV.

At Anything Branded, we believe in delivering only the highest quality products to our clients. 

Our extensive product range contains just about anything you could need for your marketing campaign. Feel free to contact us to find the best promotional product for your needs. 

If you can’t find your ideal product on our page, feel free to email us at, and we would be happy to source it for you. 

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